From the Pastor’s Study

I confess that I’ve been challenged by our Advent study, ‘Sent’.

Advent is a time that I’ve thought of as preparing us for the coming of Jesus into our world on Christmas.  We get ourselves ready by de-cluttering and refocusing our lives to receive God’s wonderful gift of his Son, our Savior.

Our Advent study has prompted me to rethink this season.  Yes, I do need to be ready to receive and celebrate God’s gift of Christ; but if that where Christ ends up, just in my life, then I haven’t fully celebrated Christmas.  We read that the shepherds, after receiving the message of the angels and going to find Jesus in the manger, told everyone they met about this new-born (Luke 2:20).  Both Mary’s (Luke 1:46-55) and Zechariah’s (Luke 1:68-79) songs of praise spoke about the wide spread impacts that would come from these new-borns.

Christmas isn’t meant to be held by us, to be hoarded; it is meant to be spread about and shared.  There is the wonderful practice of giving materially to charities and people in need during this season; but sharing shouldn’t be confined to the goods of this world.  We are meant to spread around the ‘good news’, the gospel; and we need to be doing this ourselves.

Jesus was sent from heaven to our world; and we who receive him are now sent as well.  Where might you go with this gospel this Christmas season?

        Pastor Ron Troup



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