From the Pastor’s Study

What do you find yourself missing during this lock down?

Stop; take time; really think and examine your heart (ask for the Spirit’s light to see). What do you find you are most longing for?

Such an exercise can tell us a lot about ourselves; and some of what we may find will not be pretty.  We should be glad to see ourselves with greater clarity.  The important thing is, once we’ve seen ourselves, what might we do?

We all have longings and desires; the crucial question is, how do we respond to them.  Have we been meeting our needs and desires in healthy, godly ways? Or have we been opting for paths that used to seem right, but end in emptiness and despair?

This lock down had certainly disrupted our habitual way of life; and we may be tempted to rush back to old, comfortable habits.  I trust we’ll take the opportunity to let God show us ourselves, and, where needed, take on His better habits for life.

–        Pastor Ron Troup


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