From the Pastor’s Study

If you’ve been watching the news, the month of August was an emotional whip-lash.

In the middle of the month we saw the horrific, violent clashes between white nationalists and their ‘antifa’ opponents in Charlottesville, VA.  The events of that weekend left us shocked, stunned, and saddened.

At the end of the month we saw more stunning images, this time of the natural disaster that was Hurricane Harvey.  Winds shredded homes, flood waters rose right over whole neighborhoods; it was hard to comprehend, hard to watch. 

While the events of Charlottesville only sickened us, what we’ve been seeing from south-east Texas has given us some hope.  Yes, there has been death and destruction in the winds and flooding; but there have been countless acts and stories of kindness, care, and heroic actions.  What has been most encouraging are the stories of the volunteers, those who did not have an official duty to act, but who acted in compassion (and at a risk to themselves) none the less.  Charlottesville exposed humanity at its worst; Harvey gave an opportunity to show humanity at its best.

Jesus’ best known parable, that of ‘The Good Samaritan’ (Luke 10:25-37), was brought to life many times over in Texas.  Thanks be to God for those men and women who acted; and may our resolve to live that way (and in all of Christ’s ways) be strengthened.

        Pastor Ron Troup



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