It has been a while since the members of Faith UMC’S music department has hosted a musical concert in our church.

For this reason I am working once again at trying to put together “Our Community Choir” much as I did in 2011 for the “America, We Must Not Forget” concert.

I am hoping to start out with a small, balanced choir of about 20 women’s and men’s voices. It doesn’t matter if you already attend another church or if you are church-less. The only two requirements I have are #1 – you love to sing about God’s love, AND #2 – you can actually sing the part that would be assigned…we can’t all be sopranos! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Update: We’ve had a good response from the ladies, but we are still desperately in need of MEN’S voices…especially bass singers. 

Please feel free to share my phone number (570) 473-7450 or my email address – with anyone who may be interested. Please put “Community Choir” as the subject so it doesn’t get deleted with junk mail. Interested people may also call the church at (570) 286-6301.

We need YOUR help to spread the word. 

Thanks be to God for the Joy of Music!

Ron Ray, Jr. – Music Director

Faith United Methodist Church • 203 Arch Street Sunbury, Pa 17801 • (570) 286-6301