From the Pastor’s Study…

I’ve found working my way through the last eight months to be trying as an American Christian. 

As an American, I do love my country and our great ideals. I want myself and my fellow citizens to live in relative health and safety, and for us all to exercise our God-given, hard won freedoms. 

As a Christian, I’ve pledged myself to one Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. My final identity is to be a subject of King Jesus and a citizen of His kingdom. My worship of Him is as life-giving as physical meat and drink. 

As an American, I rankle at limitations imposed on my civic rights to travel and to engage in public interactions. I do accept them as temporary measures for the public good. But I am outraged at the hypocritical placement of limitations on religious institutions but not on commercial activities; and I applaud the Supreme Court’s recent push-back on such hypocrisy in New York. 

As a Christian, I know my hunger for the ‘means of grace’ is a sign of health. Coming together for worship is one of those life-sustaining means, not to be dispensed with lightly. But I also know from Philippians 2 that Christ did not hold onto His rights as one equal to God, but gave them up to become the servant, obeying His Father in sacrifice and salvation for us. We are told this, so that we may have same sacrificial attitude for ourselves. Yes, foregoing worship together at any time is a sacrifice; but the physical well-being my brothers and sisters is worth it.

– Pastor Ron Troup 




If you are sick, please stay home! This covers both symptoms of COVID19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, etc.) and any other illness (you don’t want to risk catching COVID19 if you are already ill).

We will make sure that our entryways, hallways, bathroom and sanctuary are clean before our services.

If you are using the elevator, please do not crowd yourselves in; just one household at a time.  Consider using the Second Street entrance if you are able.  You are asked not to socialize with other households while arriving and entering the church or when leaving after the service.

Everyone will be required to wear masks as you enter and move around the building, and if you are speaking or singing.  (The exception to this will be worship leaders on the platform.) We will have masks available if you forget yours.  (You may remove your mask if you are sitting with your household group and are quiet.)

We will have hand sanitizer available.  Bulletins will be ‘self-serve’ in the pews; offering plates will be set out for your giving as you leave.

Every third pew will be available for seating; we will ‘rope off’ a safety space of two pews between them.  You are asked to sit only with members of your house-hold. 

We will not have ‘Greeting One Another’; and other parts of the service may be shortened or eliminated.  When we share communion, we will use prepackaged elements.

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