Internet Upgrade Project

The Future is Here

There has been a lot of speculation about what permanent changes this pandemic is producing.  For most items (such as mask wearing) it remains to be seen if they truly become a new normal.  One change has clearly taken hold and will remain with us; working and communicating ‘on line.’

This is actually not something completely new; people working from home had been a slowly growing practice.  But the pandemic rapidly accelerated this change, and it looks to be a common practice moving forward for many businesses.  The same can be said for churches; some had been putting their worship services ‘on line’ for their home-bound and distant members and friends.  With the pandemic, it suddenly became the only way to hold worship services.  Thankfully, the technology had reached the point where it could be done simply using a smart phone (which is how we’ve been doing it).  While we are now able to worship in person (with limitations), I don’t believe there is any ‘going back’ and not putting our worship on line.  We are ministering to members and friends who can’t risk their health, or who may not be able to get to our church building.

While we have been able to do this, we are clearly at the outer limit of our technological infrastructure.  We are using a DSL phone line connection, and a modem and router/wifi that are over 10 years old.  (This could be compared to having knob-and-tube electrical wiring in your home.)  We have asked Bill Geise of AsuroIT Services to look at our situation, and he has come up with a proposal that would upgrade and secure our internet connection and wifi set up. This would also be the backbone that enables us to do more in this direction.  (For example, a person who is homebound could be on a screen and reading scripture as part of a Sunday service.)

Our Leadership Team has voted to move forward with this project, estimated to cost $5,500.  (If anyone would like to see Bill’s proposal, I would be happy to give you a copy.)  If you would like to help offset the cost of the project, your donation would be most welcome.

• Pastor Ron Troup






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